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The 6th Environmental Conference At Zwekabin Hall In Hpa-An

The 6th Environmental Conference At Zwekabin Hall In Hpa-An

Bagan Thar October 19, 2019

The 49 green civil society organizations led by the Myanmar Green Group met at Zwekabin Hall in Hpa-an.

We discussed a number of topics, including the topic of coal energy and the Letpadaung Hpakant, the topic of the transition between Burma and the world and the world energy transition.

The government has made changes to environmental conservation, but no significant progress has been made. But at the meeting, government ministers and government officials were present. Dawei Devi Thant Sin, who is in charge of the Myanmar Green Network, said the meeting was unique to the previous government.

This is the sixth session of the Myanmar Green Network. At the sixth session, a total of 261 civil society and media ministers and government ministers attended.

Dawei Daw Thant Sin, the Myanmar Green Network’s spokeswoman, pointed out that the main problem of the project was the lack of transparency.

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