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“Waiting You For A Long Time But I Didn’t Expect It”

“Waiting You For A Long Time But I Didn’t Expect It”

Bagan Thar November 27, 2019

Once, in a country, there was a baby princess. One day, he came down to the river to take a bath and saw a fisherman catch a big fish. “Sorry for the big fish”, So he bought the fish and sent them back to the river. So the gold fish turned around the princess and then went down to the river to thank him.

The gold fish is seen in the rock, while the boy is still a boy. “The gift for the little pearls”, at that moment, when the bride’s voice heard the boy’s voice, he immediately went into the rocks and disappeared. “Next day,” he said, “and the next day they meet again,” Where are you from, Prince? “Then the prince turns around and says nothing.

The next day, princess prince if that swung and kept hidden by rocks from the cafĂ© the gold fish on the beach to see that the rising gold. Landed fish and of course “club owner get the fish going to see that I had to save the prince to his perceive reality, the daughter of ” Pay five gold coins underwater palace prince “, and then later when they were lovers happens” really love to ask if his sister had been married to my Lord, “” Yes, between underwater fairy will try to have his sister will go away “” spirit, “Gold Fish Prince Talk now filed, I proposed marriage.

“You can’t marry a man so don’t get married.” “If you can’t marry my sweetheart, my daughter, you must not touch the sea and your body today.” “My son, Maung Min, has become a golden man since he was a golden fish.” He said, “Hey,” he said, “let’s get on the staff right away.”

So on the seventh day, as the goldfish prince said, the water was getting bigger. But it is safe to do so. “What is the situation?” “Yes, you need to worry about getting the right dams in place …” So you are very impressed. “” Yes, “he said.” You agreed to marry you. ”

“Sea King” emperor large enemy naval attack “said the king,” Rather, there are superfluous Prince “led” actual shipping resist attacks from the air leaving Ocean, “” King, Prince wants to attack the “King’s challenge, I “You must be the military’s lack of courage is the lack of” courage “and” I can not give my daughter, prince spirits, about which I have sworn curse … But the prince’s words, he does not accept the princess. “Do not make excuses.”

Then he came out to the princess, “I’ll fight your foes.” The prince pulled a pearl necklace around her neck and said, “Oh, you’re so happy!” The girl presented it to her father. Then the prince goes out to attack the enemy as the head is dead, and the marines attack on both sides of the sea, and the boats from the enemy sink. The prince is managing to get out of the boat on a rigid iron boat. The boys were fighting with the enemy, but the enemy leader’s boat was so strong that it could not be destroyed by any weapons. The enemy’s boat was sinking and his boat sank.

“The prince is in the deepest.” “There is only one thing to do …” “Tackle the boat,” he said.

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