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Yangon University will soon be a self-managed university

Yangon University will soon be a self-managed university

Bagan Thar December 2, 2019

Yangon University will soon be a self-managed university, said National Adviser Aung San Suu Kyi on December 2.

The ceremony to mark the commemoration of the Yangon University was held at 9 pm on December 2 at the Graduate School of Yangon, and the State Counselor delivered an opening speech.

2015 According to the provision of the National Education Law, the University of Yangon has been provided with the requirements to become a self-managed university, and the university will soon be self-managed.

Aung San Suu Kyi is 100 years old at Yangon University He is also the Chairman of the 100th Anniversary Concert Committee.

Establish a departmental system as an educational institution of the University of Yangon. The curriculum will be reviewed and revised and tailored to the needs, the consultant said.

University of Yangon December 1 will be 100 years. The 100th Anniversary of Yangon University is from December this year to December 2020. It is planned to be held throughout the year until December.

Students and students celebrate the centenary Alumni meetings; Retired teachers from different disciplines; Teacher’s Day Academic papers; Dinner and music concerts; Research papers on the centenary; Issues Books Yangon University Magazine; Historical documentaries; Publishing History of Yangon University Publishing of memoirs; Publishing brochures; Nationality Writing and dissertation on the importance of ethnicity and patriotism. Publishing education materials on Myanmar culture and culture; Outsiders University student Alumni lectures; Dormitories; Student dormitory Alumni meetings; Science materials created by students; Displaying IT equipment and projects; International IT conferences for local and international experts; Essay and poetry competitions; Fashion competitions; Showcasing archeological films related to the University; Merry-go-round; It is expected that the festival will be held in a crowded place.

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