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My life as working in a traditional pottery village

My life as working in a traditional pottery village

Bagan Thar October 7, 2019

I started working in a traditional pottery village in Myat Thone town. U Myint Swe, a resident of Yone Oo village in Nyaung Oo township, Mandalay Region, has started the traditional pottery business, and various pots have been started.

In Myat Thone village, there are 120 houses in the village, and almost all of the village stands for subsistence farming, and everyone in the village is working on the pottery process. Raw materials for making pottery; This type of land needs only two types of paddy, which is only about three feet south of the hill, such as the land around the lake and the surrounding area. The right place to make a pot; Villagers from Taung village are digging and using as raw material for pottery. Rotate students pot pot pot, turn the machine engraved shaped pots (pots), a village of about fifty experts, women were also engraved on the pot pot industry are working women is leading hill village enterprise witness added Chemistry why pot shown on the mouth.

In the hills to the village folk pottery era that began more than 90 years old in the village for the hills aware ancestral village land to the collective pot baked in the pot (hill) is where the three hills are high in the working ages of pottery pot process (baking) hill hill witness pot Service The event is the spirit, Young man One Piece Months are the month when the pottery is made. The pottery and pottery are among the most famous pots made in Taunggyi Village. The paddy pot is also used for the rainy season. Palm trees have been started for the farmers, while the teak pots from Mya Thar hill village are also being used. Taunggyi It is learned that Nyaung Oo, Taunggyi, Ngwe Saung and Ngwe Saung are beginning to buy palm oil.

In Myat Thone Village, Taung Oo village season production is between two and two hundred and fifty pots a day, and a variety of other pots are also being produced. The hoopla pots made from the hill are so thin and strong that they have been produced and sold more than 50,000,000 in a single tray in four months.

There are various pots made from this hill village. A pot of water; A pot of firewood Wash water Altar, altar, fireplace; Bread pans; Ground pot Pot for the day. Rice Cube Pot The soil container. A small pot of salt; The pottery and pottery are two of the best-known pots of pottery in my village, Taunggyi.

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