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Myanmar golfer sets off to compete in Philippine SEA Games

Myanmar golfer sets off to compete in Philippine SEA Games

Bagan Thar December 3, 2019

The Myanmar National Basketball Association (SEA) has left for Philippines this morning to compete in the Southeast Asian Games for the 30th Southeast Asian Games.

Bound for 30th SEA GAMES (Philippines) 2019 SEA GAMES (Philippines) 2019 SEA GAMES (Philippines) will compete in the Women’s Singles competition at the Philippine SEA Games. The race will start on the 5th and the best competition will be held, ”Thet Thet Zaw told media.

Zeya & Associates held a press conference in Yangon on December 1 to receive a US $ 10,000 grant from the Zeya & Associates to film a short film on drug education and compete in the Olympic Games.

“I have to compete for the Olympics until January. There are three subscriptions. Malaysia, Indonesia, India Thailand. It was a good match for Malaysia. That is not certain. February March Other events will be in April. They have not yet been registered, ”he said.

Get a ride to Myanmar Sports Hall of Fame Sponsored by UAB Bank and Zeya & Associates. I would like to thank all the presenters who have received the Myanmar Ambassador’s Medal of Honor.

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