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The Opening of the New Presidential Building At Mandalay Degree College

The Opening of the New Presidential Building At Mandalay Degree College

Bagan Thar December 6, 2019

Ministry of Education Department of Higher Education; The Opening Ceremony of the New College Building at Mandalay Degree College Research papers; The opening ceremony of the school year was held at the College of the Arts at 6 am on December 6, at the college of Mandalay. U Zarni Aung Aung, Minister of Energy and Construction; Regional cabinet ministers; Principal Dr. Sein Sein Aung; Professors (department heads); Professors; Associate Professors; teacher, Teachers Administration officials; Mandalay College Teachers’ Union; College Degree Colleges and Students Students The invited guests attended.

First of all, Mandalay Region government; U Zarni Aung Aung, Minister of Energy and Construction; Principal Dr. Sein Sein Aung; Officials from the Mandalay Degree College Union and officials of the Mandalay Degree Colleges Union set up a new charter school.

The opening of the new school building and the opening of the academic year of the school year, 2013-2020. The Minister of Energy and the Ministry of Construction Zarni opening remarks “at the university, college, colleges, increasing requirements for students, school classes from the Union and the regional government is continuously being taken to fulfill, he added, the government would read Focus on a half already proposed increasing investments in education seen from a passage in the world in education, government has used 1,500 billion in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, in fiscal year 2018-2019 billion 1800, has now spent more than 2,000 billion in the next fiscal year 2019-2020, Education close Almost across the country’s future is bright and beautiful, according to an opinion an education to find investors boosted.

The fundamental changes in the education sector are irrelevant. We have to watch and not forget. In the past, “schooling was fun and learning to read” had been the motto since childhood. Today, children are raised and built in line with the motto, “Enjoy school and develop everything”. What this means is, individually and collectively. The issues of each other; Collective Behavior; Practicing communication with one another; He said, “We cannot achieve it by ourselves alone. Practical, integrated, and inclusive practices Students need to know that the country is doing their thing because of the needs of society. Students also take note and need to be careful.

I especially want to tell the students that today is the time for the creation of a democratic Federal Republic. It is a time for democracy to be firmly established. Therefore, the history of the passing era is a must to learn what the responsibility is to put on the shoulder. What we know today is that the historical task we know today is to get 100% of democracy and to solidify it in the near future. “We hope you can enjoy the fruits of democracy in your hands,” he said.

Then, Dr. Sein Sein Aung, Principal of Mandalay College College, expressed his gratitude and thanks to the new school. The regional government ministers presented books, books and articles to the Mandalay College Students Union. It is provided with cupboards and table tennis chairs. Then, the ministers of the region government; The Principal and all of the visitors looked at the new building.

The new building has water, water and sanitation facilities. It is a three-story concrete structure with 216 ft x 38 ft x 36 ft and includes 18 classrooms, including a meeting room. Student 1,200 students will be able to study. The Union Budget started at the Mini Budget FY 2018 and kyat 40 million and FY 540.3, with a total budget of KR 580.3, under the close supervision of Five River Co; Ltd.

In the second phase, Mandalay University College of Science and Technology held the 4th Annual Anniversary of the 7th Annual Graduate Research Fellowships. Professors; Associate Professors; teacher, Teachers and research authors publish 10 scholarly papers; Twenty-six scientific papers were submitted.

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