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Every parent in Myanmar should have this attitude

Every parent in Myanmar should have this attitude

Bagan Thar November 18, 2019

I sent my son out for a month and sent him to a friend’s store for help for a month. He asked if he could ask if he was out of the classroom. He had never done anything at home so he didn’t know what to do at home so he didn’t know anything else. I forgot to give my son what other workers gave me, just as I was told to do.

After 6 am with the 3 pm meal and return to work three hours a month, he will get a 100,000 month salary and then another 10,000 months. If you work overtime, pay him a thousand dollars an hour.

If you have a child, you will have to make money for your child. If you do not want to make money, then you will have to pay for it.

You have to find the child will not have to make money at home because the sole is completed and everything you need to accomplish everything to fulfill given a good value, I do not know anything, and I want a great motor and smoked pearshapedsista. Not know how the poor tried what was important to tell the story I did not know I was good and they seemed to imitate.

I will now have to work himself going to work with strangers than parents have no means, no one gave him tenderness workers wages equal work, they have to eat all the time, he has to know the value of labor of thirty and fifty a day before the extreme want of money to spend ten thousand children he considers economic How did the idea to the workers already employed workers asked employers how to hide dirty getting there.

If you are one hundred thousand monthly income is about a person’s monthly budget change has calculated his income and his expenses for his confidence figures, I mean, you can talk. we talk about parents with children Life, as it is no longer impossible to parents. You must dare to dare to argue so.

You have to be trained to work for what you want when you work. You are taught English, you play guitar, you play guitar, you go to work, you go to the Sunday school, you have a job, help at Sunday seminary. When it came to the second step, it was a lot to think about for it. It was a unified formula, but it never seemed to work.

If he does not step out of the human discipline and leave the society, education, education, and everything else, before he or she can make a personal decision, will have all the consequences. Can you consult and ask for help? What can your mother do?

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