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More than 570 lakhs missing from ATMs can be disclosed by Shan State Police Force

More than 570 lakhs missing from ATMs can be disclosed by Shan State Police Force

Bagan Thar November 30, 2019

Royal Taunggyi from Headquarters to Ayeyarwaddy Branch Manager, Taunggyi ATM Terminal 5 Machine Error at Hotel. ATM. Sever. On November 12, at 5:30 pm, the ATMs were taken to Branch 1, where they received 223 lakh in 80,000 checks. The prison is missing.

ATM Terminal3 machine scanned for 117,000 and 555,000 missing The opening of the cctv checkpoint at Mount Taunggyi, Royal Taunggyi Hotal, could be lost, according to the official.

Therefore, the case was opened at 3 pm on 14 December and the case was opened under Taunggyi Police Station (p. 1037/2019).

The case was reported to the police chief of the state police, and according to the report, Tau Myint Township deputy police chief Ye Myint; Soe Aung, a deputy chief of the police force in the temporary township; The township police chief inspected the scene of the incident. Aung Ko Ko Yu, Chief of Police in the city’s police station; The deputy police chief, Lin Lin Lin Zaw, was detained by police in a small group and detained at 6 pm. The suspect was arrested and arrested.

Prosecutor Thi Na Na Na Naing was summoned by the prosecutor and confessed to committing the crime and confiscated the money and confiscated items District police sergeant supervised the theft of $ 354,000 and paraphernalia used in the commission of the crime. Hotel. The total loss, including $ 189,000 to $ 1,000,000 lost from ATM Terminal4, is 540,000,000 (440,000). The car was seized and the car was seized and the remains were seized.

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