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How hard is the journal article?

How hard is the journal article?

Bagan Thar November 3, 2019

Thinking about why the animals are so happy in the world and not able to reach their goals, it is obvious that they cannot break their bond. The difficulty is not to try to cut a little. If you were to cut off a little bit in this moment of knowledge, you would probably soon find yourself in a more peaceful place. To cut off the bondage; True, it is difficult to give up. But in order to be free from the suffering of the world and enjoy peace, it is necessary to break these bonds. The reader also suggested that his mother tell her mother to say, “Cut off a little bit of bondage in order to enjoy such wealth.”

The mother came to the Internet to say that she wanted to see her son who was studying abroad. When he met his son, the mother said, “Hasn’t my son come back yet? Come back! She wanted to see her mother. “You don’t have to see me every day.

So the author said, “My son is missing too, Mother. But how easy is it to give up if you don’t try to give up so little? The only way you can do this is to be able to make ends meet in your later life. Did you send your son to the public for the sake of the mother? If Mother can’t cut the bond on her son, she will be asked to stay with her. How can I put my son in the religious frame? In fact, people like you are rare. If you want to see your own baby every day, your son or daughter will have to work on it with luxury. Now my mother gives priority to her and sacrifices her for living in the church. When I was forced to live there, Mother had to miss her. My mom was tired of having to work on her own and didn’t accept what she was doing. However, the mother may give up her benefits for the sake of the public, and she will have the benefit of cutting down on the stress. The mother has the benefit of having her son stay in the church for the benefit of the mother. Not all parents in the world get such benefits. Only people who have the highest regard for the welfare of my mother. I think you and I will know that you are a precious mother, ”she said on the Internet.

The mother was so happy that she realized that she had to put her skills on her son because of the story he had created. So I’m proud of you, and so proud of you. I told you that you and your mother will serve you well and that you are doing well in the ministry, so that you can visit the Internet only once a year to get a peaceful Nirvana. After that, the mother realized that she would have to get rich, and now that she had enjoyed the law and had been practicing the meditation, her son was well worth the effort to thank his parents. So we want all readers to try to get a little cut and try to get to a place of peace.

So I thought about it. After graduating from Dhamma University, I was not happy with the education and education of the public, and I wanted to go abroad to get more education. So after graduating from the seminary, I was in a position to study abroad. If you only need money to study, you will be collecting your material for three years since leaving the University.

I want to study abroad with my parents because I save a little money to go abroad. When parents ask for less money, they do not want their children to go abroad. This is why every parent does not want to be away from their children. But I wanted to go out for publicity, so my parents gave up. Because their parents have already allowed their children to live in the church, they are no longer able to stop them. Therefore, the monk’s parents do not look at the rest, but it is well worth the sacrifice of such a child.

So my parents allowed their children to be divorced and allowed to go abroad and to fill up their children’s scholarships. At that time, he himself was the parental love for his children. For many, she had to understand the sacrifice of her own son and to hold back tears. It was sad, but in my heart I was able to thank my parents for doing so. Think about it.

In the Buddhist era, Mahakassapa, Maharashtra, Mahatma Buddha, also asked his mother to give her a status. He was the one who made it through. The mother-in-law of Khama Kya had been in the monastery and wanted to wear red robes. However, the parents were married without permission. So soon after marrying, she wore a red robe with the permission of her husband to wear a religious robe. She was born with the help of the school principal, Viraka, because she knew she had a fetus after the monk’s funeral. Since his mother was a priest, it was impossible for him to take care of his son, so King Kodice adopted his son. So when his son, Kama, came to know that he was living in the Dhamma, he was living in the Dhamma. Thus, Khama Dhaka went into the jungle for 12 years and then became a famous sage.

My two sons live together in the religious community but do not see each other. His son is a monk, but his mother is still in remembrance of her son. The son was aware that he had not been charged with the crime because he knew that he would not be able to find him.

But one day his son went out to eat and drink. The mother also met two of her sons on the way while eating. At that moment, the mother suddenly struck and insisted that she wanted to see him. As soon as he reached his son, the boy thought. “Oh, if I were to call it a magician, you would still have me. Love you When you find it, you will be called to find a son, and you will not be able to do so. So it’s better not to call. ” If you don’t want to give up your mother then your mother will have a bond with your son and you will not stop running. The mother was frustrated and was trying to break the bond. It is not possible to be self-sufficient. They are bonded to love others. If you depend, you cannot get the user. As a result, the son deliberately caused his mother to break free.

The son was trying to break the bond, but his mother would not follow him and then pushed the boy and forced him to try to pull the monk into his arms. When he fell, he thought in his heart: “Oh, my son? I remember my son for more than 20 years, with tears and tears, and no one can push him. I wanted to breastfeed my baby from an early age. Doesn’t the son even now find me? I hadn’t been able to breastfeed since I was a baby. Don’t you know that? I was just a jerk. Doesn’t he have a problem with me? Well, today, I’m not going to hold you back. ”

When the decision was made, the bishop returned to the school and made a solemn decision to dedicate the matter to his son. If the son does not grow up in this way, he will have a bond with his son, but the practice of meditation will not end. So, the author comforts his mother, saying that her mother will also be able to reach the Nirvana, the end of the zodiac.

Therefore, all people wish that they should do what is right and not give up, and that they should work hard to attain the highest Nirvana in the Golden Age.

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