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G Fatt gives his friend a request to marry a girlfriend

G Fatt gives his friend a request to marry a girlfriend

Bagan Thar December 1, 2019

G Fatt is a hit among young fans, with a huge following. G Fatt, who writes and composes beautiful lyrics and lyrics, comes from a male audience. It is not wrong for a singer who is a fan favorite of all. The infamous G Fatt has also been performing solo.

On December 1, G Fatt held his solo concert in Mandalay. In this event, G Fatt was able to fill in the gaps with his girlfriend, who asked for his girlfriend to marry him. G Fatt helped Surprise the girl and asked her friend to marry her on the stage to help him with the song.

G Fatt about girl friend would ask her to marry my childhood friend, fill the shelves loaded contribute talent you hire me on a Wall Deprive sight, heighten the two rulers to love it too unworthy wedding justified and invited me, I would leave this fall, all you need is a lucky guy because Karachi A pure heart of love is really beautiful, “I helped share fans.

G Fatt

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