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Myanmar won the first gold medal in the Philippine SEA Games

Myanmar won the first gold medal in the Philippine SEA Games

Bagan Thar December 3, 2019

Myanmar won the first gold medal for the Philippines in the Philippine SEA Games.

The Myanmar national team, Indira Phillip, will be competing in the Philippines’ traditional women’s competition on December 3. Vietnam The Cambodian team won the gold medal with the highest score. Aerobics is a walking stick. The Philippines is a traditional martial arts sport in the Philippines.

The Myanmar Olympic team started the gold medal in the third day of the SEA Games. The Philippine Games are being held from December 1 to 3. The tournament is organized by the Philippines, the Philippines and the Philippines. Vietnam Myanmar, Only four countries compete in the competition, including 20 in the competition.

The Myanmar team competed in all 20 categories and one gold medal, one gold medal at the end of the competition. Five silver sockets; 14 bronze medals were won. After the December 3 SEA Games, Myanmar Sports Team hosted one gold and one gold medal. Six silver and six gold 20 bronze coins. It has a total of 27 national awards with 27 awards.

The Philippines led the nation with 93 medals, including 47 gold, and Vietnam followed with 74 medals, including 23 gold. Malaysia holds third place with 36 medals, including 17 golds.

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