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A baby boy who had just returned to school because of a firefighter

A baby boy who had just returned to school because of a firefighter

Bagan Thar November 2, 2019

As poverty rates rise in Myanmar, children come to the streets instead of the classroom. Plastics collector, Florist As a salesman, I have to struggle with the age of the family to satisfy my family. Even though there are child rights laws in Burma, even though there are child organizations, the future of street children is still unknown, and they are pretending.

In fact, children are the future of the country. Internationally, children are systematically raised, but in Burma, children are often neglected and neglected. They do not respect older people. It’s also a country where everyone wants to do what they want.

He wanted to put the child in school, but he was not forced to do so because he was looking for a family business, so it was a good time to say goodbye. Then give them bread and money to keep them safe. The night lights were lit on the side of the road, and the fire gave them a new headlamps, The car was dressed in a reflective jacket. I called for example. He knows that he will do better than all children in Myanmar.

I think it will be a good time for you to remember your father and the firefighter’s big brother. I really appreciate doing things that most people can’t do and helping the poor and disadvantaged.

But the firefighter praises the man with the help of a star, and the firefighter praises him with respect. People like him, May there be more people who can care about children. I also wish that children could be brought to class as soon as possible.

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