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“About My New Polite Daughter-In-Law”

“About My New Polite Daughter-In-Law”

Bagan Thar November 25, 2019

“About My New Polite Daughter-In-Law”

To Mom, As I said, I have been looking for a new daughter-in-law for my mother so that she can be married again so that her husband can complete the dress again.

As my mother estimated, the new mother, who had never eaten a meal in the dormitory, was the girl in the cafeteria. I don’t know what to say. He is working with the Buddha. It is a very good idea. It is always good to have a smile on your face. I don’t think it is a big picture of Thaketa. She said she was tired and had a beautiful rose tattoo on the back and back.

I don’t have much education. But it is very powerful. There are no known 2-digit numbers coming out this month, and I remember all the lines and lines of the Korean car. Even phones look at who they are.

The good thing about relationships is that not every boy comes to his shop. He still pretends to be gay because he hates gender discrimination. She seemed to be upset and even laughed at the fact that some of them were going to be kidnapped.

It was from the restaurant that I cooked well. The customer is always full and the customer is always there. It would be a smart home that doesn’t have to be cooked for mom.

I don’t have to worry about either side because of a rat that has lost all species since Nargis. She also said that she would sing well in order to stay home from boredom. He has been working for KTV in Naypyidaw for two years. I also worked at a salon. But she said that she learned two types of salon because she had a salon name. If Mom’s right, she doesn’t need to be hot, and she’ll press.

I don’t know if that was the case with my mother-in-law. I have been running for 2 more times in my life. Now, that’s the whole story, Mom. If not, ask the police. He says he knows everything.

Talk to you. My body is LCD, so I like it. I will bring you home the day my mother gives me permission. The son of a liar was cold.

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